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CarloMarcoStudio is an upscale hair salon located in Greenwich Village with seven chairs offering a range of hair services such as cut, color, highlights, and styling.


The salon operates from Tuesday to Saturday, with varying hours to accommodate clients' schedules. You can either walk in or book an appointment to enjoy our services.


The salon has a rich history, previously named Daniel Scott, which was located in Greenwich Village, one block from the Stonewall Riots during the prime of gay liberation. The salon has since evolved from a colorful LGBT eclectic shop to a polished hair salon, offering a range of hair services and co-ed treatments.


The current owners are skilled stylists, Carlo Nunez and Marcos Avilés, both from Latin America, who met in beauty school. They took over the salon in 2006 and have since transformed the salon's image to keep up with the times.


Today, many of our clients are third-generation and include people of all ages and backgrounds. At CarloMarcoStudio, we treat our clients like family, staying true to our culture. Our clients include producers, moms, writers, children, fashion editors, and people from diverse backgrounds.


When you book your next hair appointment, our charismatic receptionist, Doug, can help you determine the best match from our staff page. Whether you're a natural blonde seeking a stylist to maintain your highlights or someone looking for a stylist who understands how to cut and style curly hair, CarloMarcoStudio has someone for you.


Join our family, and you'll feel at home!

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